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09-12-04, 07:25 AM
Hi every one.

I have a watercooled 6800Ultra from PoV with the 10.15 BIOS. 101% stable and working card and rig.
I'm using the Zalman Reserator in a Reserator-CPU-GPU-Reserator loop.
I'm using the Zalman CPU waterblock on the CPU and on the GPU I'm using the Swiftec MCW50 which allows me to continue to use the original RAM cooler on the Vcard.

The temps depend heavily on the room temp as the Reserator is passive external unit. At "normal" room temps about 22c my temps are following.

GPU Core idle: 49-52c
GPU Core load: 54-59c
Ambient stays around 40-46 regardless of idle or load.

My GPU is at 450MHz when stock is 425Mhz, the temp increase for those 25Mhz is 1c or less because the temps always seem to hang in the same area regardless of this small OC.

So what clocks are you guyz getting and what mods have you made to your WATERCOOLED GPU.

Those who are watercooling please post info and possibly picts. Good to have one thread here about this.

I haven't tried clocking any higher but I'm tempted to try for 465 :D However I went with watercooling to get a silent PC.


09-12-04, 08:06 AM
Your load temperture is around 54c-59c with water coolering ,thats seems high to me.I think I will just wait and get a good cooper HSF,even when I run my at 470/1240 on EVga stock HSF, the highest I have seen it get to was 74c and that was running ridthal1.2 in widows at full screen.I was thinking of water cooling but I thought they stayed cooler than that.

09-12-04, 08:15 AM
Running my GT with a 1.4 volt modded bios at 460/1200 with load temps of about 48-49 with a Dangerden block. This is with an A64-3500 running at 1.675 volts and 2600 mhz in the water loop just before the 6800 so I could probably lower temps a couple of degrees on the GPU if I didnt run the water through the CPU block prior to it.


09-12-04, 08:24 AM
John.. The Reserator is passive watercooling, no fans on a radiator. You will get better temps with active watercooling.

Warden, can you post some specs about your watercooling?


09-12-04, 08:37 AM
I have a reserator that I use on my system at work. I got much better temps when I added a small motorcycle oil cooler and a slow fan with is noiseless as far as I can tell. I'm not sure what my temps would be on it because that rig got fried durring hurricaine charlie and I am in the process of volt modding it. My GT WC rig runs at 455/1.1 at 44C. Temps dont change much becuse its an industrial setup. Only drawback is its loud. ou can see it here:
Check the for sale section soon if interested. I may be going with a quieter unit although I will miss its power.

09-12-04, 11:22 AM
I'm running a Blueline HD 30 waterpump (basically an Iwaki MD 30), dual 120mm fans on a 12" x 6" heater core and looping the water through my Dangerden TDX and then through the Dangerden 6800 Block. It's extremely warm in this part of my house (probably 80-85 f) and this keeps my GPU temps below 50 degrees celsius under full load. I'm going to be re-routing the setup in the next week or two and I expect to lower the temps another 2-3 degrees.


09-12-04, 11:23 AM
i have a danger den gpu block and pencil volt mod im runnin 494 and 1250 memory.
Runs around 48 to 54 Degrees under load.

09-12-04, 11:51 AM
Now thats an impressive core clock:) I still find it odd tho, that my BFG 6800 Ultra can go to 1280 memory and its still stock air cooled. Id love to get above 456 on my core, but I dont think I wanna get into all that water cooling.