View Full Version : Need help locating a cooling part

09-12-04, 08:05 PM
Ok guys, I remember someone about 2 weeks or so ago posting a link to a cpu cooler, but I cannot find that thread.

The description is as follows:
Its translucent blue and round with 4 partial dome like pieces coming up from the exterior to almost meet in the middle.
It has 2 fans in it that rotate opposite eachother.

Now I realize this is not about gfx cards, but since most ppl visit here, someone might know what I am referring to. Your asssistance would be greatly appreciated. If you dont know what Im referring to you are still welcome to help me try and locate it. I have tried searching xoxide.com and frozencpu.com and didnt find it there. Please post any sites I might try or if you find it, let me know, Thanks

09-12-04, 08:51 PM
Ok well I found it lol. When I first searched frozencpu.com I couldnt find it but I accidentally came acroos it fromk another site that linked back to frozencpu. Strange eh?


Here's a picture: