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09-13-04, 05:43 PM

I am wondering if there are anyone who could help me with this.

I installed the scsi card, wtich i belive is the Adaptec 29160N as a stciker on the pcb indicates, however i bought this card used and i assumed it was very old.

Basicly, i install the card and the hard drive, and then boot the system, however no SCSI select bios option appears nor is the card show up as a boot device.

However if i boot windows from CD i can access the drive and even read/write to it as i please.

Would any scsi 'guru' beable to help me make my scsi card bootable?

My system is listed below as gs

09-13-04, 05:48 PM

Oh, crap, he's not with us anymore, is he...

09-13-04, 05:55 PM
I wonder if the scsi selection BIOS could be hidden? Some cards will let you hide that screen. You might check the manual on adaptec's site and see if anything rings a bell. You might also try the card in another PC just to eliminate anything in yours that might be interfering.

09-13-04, 06:27 PM

Oh, crap, he's not with us anymore, is he...
Heh yeah i was hopeing he would pop in with a solution, however the more i look into it it seems its competely the mobo's fault D:

Im just about to plug it into this gsGL to see what it dose.

Ill reply wiht my results!


Problem Solved! Aparnetly its the MAC version, so i flashed its bios with the lateist PC version and its working now.

The cool thing is I got the card for free because my friend who had it coudlnt figure out how to use it heh. At the time i had a scsi cd burner and it worked fine for that purpose, but now that i need to boot from it it needed the proper bios : )