View Full Version : inno 3d 6800 gt temp how to make cooler

09-14-04, 02:47 AM
ok iv been reading around places about the temp on this card and some peeps saying its to high ok mine was 65 at idl not to my like ..

here is how to make it go down a little take the top plate off you will see 4 screws under the plate look on and back side of the card and make all the screws level do not unscrew clockwize make them all level at back so there all same but go in a little this makes the cooler plate go closer to the gpu
all so glue a same fan to the back side plate mine as now gone from 65 idl to 53 idl little differance but will help :bash: :rolleyes: hope this helps any one out if so please reply

09-14-04, 03:18 AM
its ok
55 - 65*C idle is ok
80 - 90*c load is also ok..
Even the Leadtek GT's hit 86*c full load, so i guess its ok.

09-14-04, 10:57 AM
yes but the cooler thay run the better you can turn it up on things :))))))))))))))))))))))))))

09-14-04, 11:21 AM
mmhh...many 6800U's underglock theirselves when the temperatures goes over 85, so 90 is probably a bit too much...

09-14-04, 01:16 PM
yes m8 thats y i say the cooler the better a m8e (mag) :)

like i say mine runs alot better now its cooler ie like doom 3 :)

dam where is halflife 2 i wan to play it on my 6800 gt give it me now hehehehehe :lol2:

09-14-04, 01:22 PM
i recommend u this (http://www.pc-cooling.de/catalog/artikeldetail.php?cPath=4_32_431&products_id=4932) cooling sollution. u won't hear the cooler working but it's much more powerful than stock cooling.

09-14-04, 04:19 PM
holllllly s..t its a turbo for my gt card lol if that does nto keep cool i do not know what lol

yes you will hear when it zoooooooooooms away hehe nice m8e