View Full Version : Dual monitor; win2k geforce problem

09-14-04, 04:58 PM
Hello people, i'm quite new to these boards and just found them while trying to resolve a problem with my video cards.

Anyways, i've ran dual monitors for quite sometime. FOr a while, I ran a Geforce fx5200 asylum and an Nvidia tnt2 PCI card for the monitors. Sadly, the TNT2 went out so I opted for a new card. Being the college fiend I am, and low on cast, I grabbed the Geforce MX4000 64mb pci...yea yea, I know it's a lowend card.

Either way, these should technically work together, but, upon installing the card and drivers, when booting into windows it deadlocks right before it shows desktop (Basically, I think, when it initializes the card). Oddly enough, this doesn't happen if I disable my AGP and run just from the PCI and vice versa.

If I do not have the drivers installed for the MX card, it will work, but it loads the VGA module for the pci card, thusly not allowing the use of the card and defaulting to my AGP card.

I have updated drivers and everything. No faulty hardware. Technically, these cards should not conflict and I am unable to find anywhere on google of what it could be so any help would be appreciated.


09-14-04, 05:51 PM
Go into your bios and set the primary VGA device to PCI.

When you do get back into windows, goto display properties and set the AGP card as primary. Sometimes what happens is the PCI conflicts for the same resources as the AGP card, so if you set the PCI as primary in the bios it can correct this. Don't worry, once you set the AGP card to primary in windows all your games will use the AGP card only.

09-15-04, 01:28 AM
Another problem may be with the Microsoft-written default GeForce drivers conflicting with NVIDIA-written GeForce drivers.

I often cure graphics drivers problems with multiple cards by booting Windows in safe mode to de-install all video drivers, and then rebooting in safe mode again to install drivers for both cards from the same nvidia.com WHQL driver download. It's always amazing how much stablility can be restored by ditching the MS default GeForce drivers.