View Full Version : NV5 on 6800 Ultra: Yay or Nay?

09-14-04, 06:49 PM
Hey guys, just looking for some opions here.

I had a 6800 GT and got a NV5 for it for better cooling. My EVGA was a horrible overclocker, so I returned it before I installed the cooler (damn restocking fee). I figured if I wanted ultra speeds a I should just get an ultra, which is what I did.

I picked up a PNY 6800U at compusa and so far I am very happy w/ it. Decent o/c'r at 450/1.15 . Anyway, I have this unused NV5 and I was wondering if I should install in on the card. I've read some reviews that show it is not any better than the stock ultra cooler, and some say otherwise. What do you guys think? Also, I have a relitively tight case (Lian Li PC60), and I find the long Ultra card almost cuts my PC in 1/2 so there is no communication of air b/w the bottom section where the Ultra is and the top section where the processor is (good thing I have a large 120mm window fan blowing right on the CPU, but it doesn't really hit the gpu). I'm think that because of this situation, hot air from the the gpu cannot escape to the 3 outlet fans in the upper section of the case. Because of this, is it plausible that the NV5 may be more effective in my small case than in a bigger case where air can move more freely ?

Does anyone have any better ideas for 6800 U cooling besides the NV5 (or applying AS5).


PS I feel that my GPU could o/c better with better cooling (e.g. water). But my stable memory o/c seems stuck at 1.15. Any ideas on how to turn up the memory o/c?

09-14-04, 07:29 PM
The only real problem I've seen with these coolers, is that some of them aren't machined to well. That's what you really have to watch out for.

But if it sits (level with the gpu and memory) right on you card, it will lower you're temps by quite a bit.

09-14-04, 07:43 PM
I think a major cause of low overclocks is the bad airflow in your system. The NV5 is still airbased, so, technically, it's still just blowing hot air from off the heatsink. I would recommend some type of water cooling if you can afford it.

And also, I agree with RoJo, although I've never used an NV5 before.

09-15-04, 01:04 PM
Check this out.


Edit; sorry. I should learn to read. :rolleyes: (ultra)
But this works good for my BFG 6800gt, which has the big,copper, dual fan hs/f on it.

09-15-04, 03:17 PM
I think yes everyone with a ultra should use it.

09-15-04, 04:23 PM
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09-15-04, 04:43 PM
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