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09-14-04, 09:14 PM
I'm reinstalling XP on a fairly new Dell 4600 (P4 2.4/533, 256mb DDR, FX5200, etc...), and all went real good... or so I thought. I deleted the dell FAT32 8mb partition on the HD and redid it as one NTFS partition using the quick option... loaded up the Dell XP disc and went thru the reinstall...

SP2 was installed after I came back in teh room after an hour's absence... Upon restart, I'm asked which Windows I wnat to log onto, and I'm given the choice of 2 Windows XP's... The first one is the fresh install.... I don't know what teh other one is... cuz if I select that I get a Windows disc configuration error...

When I go into windows, there's absolutely no other copy of windows on this hard drive... grrr, why am I given this selection between two installs???

Is there a tool or something I can use to get rid of this, or to investigate the problem further? I've never ran into this issue before... damn Dells... :(

09-14-04, 09:20 PM
okies... it happens sometimes during installations when things did not go smoothly...

in order to remove that option from bootup go to control panel > system > advanced > startup and recovery > settings

there you will simply select the o/s you want as your default and the time to display options and you can edit as you see fit...

wrt where the other install is I am not sure on that...

09-14-04, 09:33 PM
aaight, I edited the boot file, removing the second option.. we just got done installing the Dell drivers on this PC, and we're hoping this (your suggestion) took care of the problem...

EDIT: WOHOO!!! Thanks, saz, u r teh c00L!! :D:D

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09-15-04, 12:18 AM
It does that because Dell installs a recovery-tools partition with their new machines, and it doesn't like you to delete that partition. When I got my 8600 laptop in the first thing I did was format to get rid of the nasty extras Dell installs, and I had the same problem.

10-12-04, 11:47 PM
Sorry for being so late posting in here but I am new to the site.

Delete both partitions, and before you make a new partition, reboot the rig. This takes care of this problem.

This works with HPs also.