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09-15-04, 01:35 PM
I have been having a problem that has been driving me nutz :)

my problem is, I can't get the "color profile" to work properly in the "application profiles" I love this option, but for some reasons i can't get it to stay.

here is the problem, I go and creat a color profile and save it as let's say "doom" then I go to application profile and click on doom3.exe, color profile, I then choost the color profile that I created from the list that I created, put the check mark next to it. press apply. so I go to play the game "doom in this case" and the colors are just how I set them, that sure puts a big smile on my face. so far no problems. I then restart the computer go to play the game, and guess what, the colors are set back, so I then check in the doom3.exe profile to see what color profile I have in there, and it's exactly how I had it set but the color profile will not load with the game untill I change it to another color profile from the drop menu, then choose the "doom" color profile again, then press apply. the color profile works for as long as i leave the PC on, but once I turn it off, I will have to go to doom appliaction profile and reapply the color profile settings again (it will show there fine, but will not take an effect untill I reapply the color profile settings again. it almost feels like there is a file or something that needs to be loaded with the windows starting up, but for some reasons it does not untill i manuly apply the same settings again and press apply (again the settings are still there but just not active untill i press on the apply button. any help please.

thanks in advance

09-16-04, 04:47 AM
huh, no one could even comment on my post. one more side note, the application profile for the game works even after a restart (AA, AF and so on) but not the color profile. come on people, at least am I the only one who is gettings this problem? I guess not too many people bother with the color profile thing :( you guys should give it a try, it hella good, crancking DV all the way in the game is way too cool, but it looks supoer ugly being cracked on the Desktop, so you will need the color profile option to get the best of 2 worlds. at least if you can't help check if your color profile loads with the games after a simple pc restart :)

09-16-04, 05:55 AM
Hi. If you use the driver in my sig you shouldn't have that problem anymore. Every new beta driver after this (from 65.90 to the current leak, 66.32) has some sort of color profile bug. Which is why I don't use those beta drivers. Like you, I gotta have DV on. Playing games without DV, we might as well be using an ATi card... :lame:

09-16-04, 10:58 AM
Ok, what driver is that, I only see a link for the 66.32 and the INF file, and you said in your post that DV also does not work with 66.32, so yes I am lost, can you tell me what driver that does not have problems with color profile?

thanks for your reply by the way.