View Full Version : 66.31 WHQL borked, bilinear only in OGL?

09-15-04, 07:46 PM
I recently started using the 66.31 WHQL drivers and just noticed a major problem. I just started a new game of NWN HOtU and it looks like it is running in only bilinear filtering. I am playing at 1600X1200 with 4XAA/8XAF in high quality mode. The mip-lines are extremely distubing and don't appear filtered properly. It makes me feel like I am gaming on my old V-2. The mip-map line moves closer and farther as you zoom in and out. It is very annoying just moving around. Changing the all settings does not help a bit. It's like one of the filtering optimizations is stuck on. Some pics below showing the mip-map line cutting across the corner of the carpet/floor and a link for the full pic it came from. Note the link for the full pic is 365k because of the resolution I was gaming at and with any more then 30% compression it washed out the mip-map line. It is actually much worse then the pic shows when you are moving. The problem went away completely when I went back to the 61.77 drivers.


09-16-04, 07:20 AM
66.00 Forceware has some optimization that can't be turned of making mipmap transitions look like ****. However according to my eyes and testing, 66.31 does not have this problem, at least on my system high quality disables all the "optimizations".

[edit: removed pictures]

As you can see, colored mipmap transitions look smooth, unlike they did with 66.00. Could be game based though, but I haven't seen the bug in any game I've played with these drivers. Bad quality of pictures can be explained by JPEG compression, I decided not to waste my server's bandwith too much.

09-16-04, 10:34 AM
It could just be game specific. Changing to High Quality etc. does not change any of it though, it stays bilinear. Funny thing is I just noticed one other thing that was bothering me with the 66.31 drivers. There is a awful lot of moire even in high quality which I can see in your first pic on the floor. It is even worse in NWN. The moire problem disappears with the 61.77 drivers in NWN for me.