View Full Version : Need help getting an older game to run!!!!

09-16-04, 01:18 AM
I just built this new system........MSI Neo 2 Platinum,Athlon 64 3800+,twin 160 gig Maxtor serial HDs,Kingston HyperX PC3200(1 gig dualchannel),PNY 6800 Ultra,and a 500 watt ps.
The first problem I ran into was with the Ram,with the bios settings in auto the timing was running at what Kingston suggested it should but the system didnt like the settings AT ALL!!!!I endedup having to back it off to 2.5-3-6-3 and its stable now.
Heres my real question for you guys.Im still a bigtime Crimson Skies addict.For 1,CS has never run well under Windows XP from my experience,but Im forced to use it with this new system.The game will run just fine,but any type in the game that you can change(programming buttons on a joystick,selecting a plane......)just shows up as blocks of color so you have no idea what settings you have.It sounds like a driver problem,but Ive tried 5 or 6 of the older versions along with the latest and they all react the same way.I even went so far as to put my old vid card in(ATI 9800 pro) to be sure if it was the card and its fine with it installed,its just the 6800 that I have the problem with.Any suggestions you guys have would be greatly appreciated.
I more question while Im at it.The FPS are horrible when I run the game on XP,I average about 40 FPS higher on the same system with 98 installed.Any Ideas what I can do to get decent FPS with this old game on XP???
Thanks guys,appreciate the help

01-19-05, 04:47 PM
I have the same issue. Did you ever find a resolution to the problem. Thanks.