View Full Version : would putting artic silver 5 on my card void warranty?

Pandora's Box
09-16-04, 08:54 PM
title says it all. would putting artic silver 5 on my card void warranty? like if the card broke in like a years time and i rma'd it to leadtek would they reject it because i took the heatsink off to put artic silver on it?

09-16-04, 09:00 PM
Technically, yes, as you are taking apart your card and altering it. Although im a strong advocate of not RMAing things you broke or modded, in this case id think you were actually not doing a bad thing (unless you FUBARed the card when you took it apart and put it back together again.

I used AS ceramique on my 6800GT and it took my temps down about 5c at the moment, and it should drop more as it settles.

Anyways, just my 2c

09-16-04, 09:24 PM
Hey Pandora's Box, you've the leadtek 6800GT right? I recall you using my 80mm fan mod on it i think :D

Anyway, i took the hsf off of mine recently, and they had plain thermal grease on the memory, but a fudgy silver compound on the gpu. It may have been artic silver, i'm not sure, having never bought the stuff. But it really was like fudge, like dried out paste, and slapped on a bit thick too for my tastes. I replaced it with some bog standard thermal grease and still lowered my temps a couple of degrees. So if you do install as5, and only put it on the gpu and not the ram also, they won't be able to tell the difference most likely.

Edit: Oh and i also found a great big 1mm high lump where the hsf contacted my gpu on the base of the hsf, like a notch in the copper, wasn't impressed by that at all.

Pandora's Box
09-16-04, 09:29 PM
i never used the 80mm fan mod. i cant find the right size screws to get the fan to stay put.

the fact they use thermal grease on the memory puts me at ease a little. thank god no thermal pads heh.

09-16-04, 09:40 PM
ah right, my mistake then :)

this might be of interest to you by the way, i'm about to try another mod... when i removed the hsf i noticed the screws retaining the plastic cover were on the underside of the heatsink. What i'm going to do take off the hsf again and remove the plastic cover. That get's rid of the tiny 60mm hole, and i intend to stick a 92mm fan directly to the heatsink, but with the outer square shell removed from the 92mm fan so it can blow across the heatsink in all directions as well as just directly down onto it (or up i should say, once the card is in the agp slot).

Pandora's Box
09-16-04, 09:45 PM
u got me interested big time! just how is that 60mm fan attached anywayz?

09-16-04, 09:54 PM
the 60mm is mounted to the hsf by the three arms you get on any fan with the outer square bracket, you know the bits that attach the hub to the square, except the square isn't there on their 60mm fan. each of the support arms is screwed into the hsf by a tiny 3mm long screw, 3 in all.

Once you remove it, you'll be pretty surprised to see half of two of the BGA memory chips are visible, as well the top edge of the GPU's metal frame around the core (in pics it has the core name in black letters on it). That's right, under the fan there's a great hole where half of two ram chips have no hsf contact, not perfect by any means. However it does mean you can blow air under the hsf too with the hole there, increasing the surface area of the active cooling, so it's not all bad.

Pandora's Box
09-16-04, 10:06 PM
hmm interesting. i might disect the card when i finally get my new processor.