View Full Version : Post you ambient temp and gpu temp

09-17-04, 12:49 AM
i just used the left over zalman thermal paste on my ram after seeing the huge heat pads, and plugged it back in only to find my gpu core had gone up 2 degrees !! it was on 61 then went up to 63 after ripping the card apart. I then went back and did the GPU and its a little cooler now, not much though.

I was just curious to see everyones ambient temp and gpu temp in your Nvidia control panel

ill start

Ambient 40
Idle GPU 59

09-17-04, 02:34 AM
Let's see. Currently the temps are 35C ambient and 49C core while room temperature appears to be 23C. Don't know about the case temperature though.

Under load last time I checked rivatuner reported 68C core straight line for the last 10 minutes I was playing doom, Ambient was about 50C.

I actually managed to get some degrees off by reinstalling the card's heatsink and tightening screws a bit more than they were after I bought the card (which is MSI NX6800GT).

09-17-04, 02:42 AM
ambient is 38C and core is 56C that's on an O/C GT full spec below \/ \/

09-17-04, 03:03 AM
I undervolted my northwood 3.0Ghz P4 from 1.55v to 1.4v, and my Leadtek 6800GT temps dropped 20C! Having a hot CPU pumping out air right next to the agp slot makes a big difference.
Not sure what happened to my ambient temps, but I do know that my GPU temps under load went from the high 80s down to a max of 63C.