View Full Version : Hotkey disappears

09-18-04, 09:37 AM

I have two different FX5200 cards (two different manufactors), I run the newest ForceWare (and have tried several others).

I am running on a front projection system in PAL, so I need to do this in 50 Hz to get the best picture - I cannot do this inside the forceware drivers, so I use PowerStrip - only problem is that if I enable both the projector trough DVI and my tv on tv-out, I get set back to 60 Hz - therefore i've made two profiles - one for the projector and one for the tv - which works great.

My problem then is that when I have no picture on the TV with the projector settings, I need to have a hotkey for not having to turn on the projector all the time. I can also make a hotkey for both of the profiles in the hotkey section of the drivers, but often they simply dissapear afterwards - I also have had them saved for a day or two, and suddently they are just gone?!

Does anyone else have this problem, and what may be the cause?