View Full Version : [help]Screen flickers when playing some xvid codeced avi file

11-06-02, 08:36 AM
I am using the Detonator 40.72 driver with a Windows 2000 server.The card is TNT2 pro,:(
and installed video codec includes divx5.02, xvid, ffdshow, wmp8codec.
when I played some avi file claimed to be xvid coded, the video output screen kept flickering, and in every few seconds the whole screen would flicker once, looked as if there was a lightning. Also some avi files codec with divx then got no video output window, just the audio played back.( they played correctly before)

I asked this question on one university's bullitin board, the guys there suggest uninstalling the xvid codec and using ffdshow as its substitute. I tried the following combination:
installing codecs: divx ffdshow
installing codecs: divx xvid
installing codecs: divx
installing no codecs manually
still none of these can solve the problem
and later the system prompted that my system-log was full, I went there seeing that the system-log was full of Error log with nv, which I think is the nvidia driver , and the Error log always looks like this:
GR SW Notify Error on 0001 dd001100 0000004a 00000100 00000000 00008000

I know this is somewhat off topic, but I am totally in a mess, can anybody have some suggestions concerning this kind of problem?

11-06-02, 10:24 AM
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