View Full Version : Epox 8rda+ sound problem

09-19-04, 07:09 PM
I have recently come across a new problem with the onboard sound on my motherboard. Sometimes when i play games, the sound just stops, and the game still goes on as normal. The only other sound i have heard after this happened, was the bf1942 menu buttons. If you go back to windows, Mp3's dont even start when you double click them, and i cant hear anything. It requires a restart. I really dont know what is causing this, as it usually happens ~30 minutes into any game i play. I just noticed it doing this recently (past week) but its very annoying. Any help plz.

09-19-04, 09:26 PM
Have you increased overclocks or changed any drivers recently?

BTW, theres a good chance you will find motherboard related problems and solutions here:

just go to their forums



Both great sites, i usually go to those and search when i have a problem like this. Not to say you shouldnt ask here, there are just much larger communities and forums at those sites.