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09-20-04, 12:22 AM
I have all 3 consoles (xbox, gc, ps2) and I have to switch between all of them to play my favorate games since there is no dominant console. I remember back in the dreamcast days, I only needed 1 console to play awesome games cause it always had unique games to choose from and not the crap we sometimes see out there today. I miss sega as a hardware manufacture and can only dream of them coming back into the console business :(

09-20-04, 12:30 AM
Sega Genesis will always be the greatest console to have ever graced this Earth.

09-20-04, 01:37 AM
Sega leaving really changed things and I miss them also man. The gaming world owes alot to them because everyone from Nintendo to X-Box got an idea from there systems. I still think Sega helped make the X-Box because its so similar to the Sega's past consoles. There still in the gaming business but sucks they got out of the hardware business because I think they stopped taking chances with unique games they would bring to there system with no qualms to making safe games which Sony or MS has to approve. I was really hoping MS would buy them and just slapp there name on them and let them go wild.

Also I am pretty pissed at Sega because I think they gave up too quick on some of there consoles and jipped American gamers out of some great games most of which were already in english to begin with. Boggles my mind why they wouldnt release any of those great capcom games or some of the best shooters ever made that Japan saw here in the States. Its like they wanted to fail and it really sucked you had to import every good game with the Saturn because Sega wouldnt release it here. :lame:

Playing my Genesis back in the day with friends were the best days of my life. Nothing on Super Nintendo came close except Mario and a few of its RPG's.

09-20-04, 02:03 AM
I dont think sega gave up too quick, They were first with lots of things and that came at a cost. Its a shame sega had to take the hit though.

I used to have a megadrive 2 and the mega cd 2 addon ... and later also the 32x addon, but I sold it all to get a new amiga ;)

Things didn't workout that good after the megadrive 2.

I really miss the mega cd some times but there are emulators around. Those cd's are pretty hard to come by :(

Sega still creates cross platform games, but ive not seen anything that was that great. A friend of mine showed me a 3d sonic on game cube this summer, but that game sucked pretty bad. We did have some fun with Phantasy star online in multiplayer but it got booring rather quick, Pso eposide 3 was rather odd too.
I never had the chance to try the Dreamcast, but im sure it was great.

09-20-04, 03:07 AM
Yeah, I think Dreamcast was my favorite console ever, and the Saturn did have some great classics on it that were easilly overlooked (so many hours into Dragon Force, not to mention I loved Shining Force 3 and Panzer Dragoon Orta). I don't think I've ever seen a console with as many cool features on it as the Dreamcast: the VMU (which was like a portable system in itself), online play, analog shoulder triggers (which was pioneered on their Saturn 3d control pad), hell even their "accidental" features like the ability to play user-made software on it were amazing ;) . God did I spend a lot of time encoding videos for DcDivx, but boy was it nice popping in a single CD-R and watching 8 hours of anime. I'm still amazed at what the Dreamcast can do, playing Ecco on a PC monitor is just amazing, I still can't get over how good that game looks (even after playing Doom 3!). I think the only thing it was missing was surround sound support, it wouldn't been cool to have distinct channels in games like Ecco, or Sonic so that you could hear objects wiz by you at 100 MPH.

Actually, I can't think of a Sega console I wasn't impressed with, even the SegaCD and believe it or not the 32x had thier games (Shadow Squadren was the best space combat sim for it's time). Well, OK, so I wouldn't have been impressed by the 32x if I bought it at full price, but for $20 with a free game it was well worth it :) . They always seem to do something new with each console, and suprisingly it actually works out well unlike some features on some consoles (like firewire on the PS2, or connectivity on the GC).

And even though Sega isn't the same ever since they went 3rd party, they still manage to put out some amazing games. I loved Panzer Dragoon Orta, as a rail-shooter fan I can say that it's probably the best game in the genre that I've ever played. Now if only they'd make a Panzer Dragoon Saga 2...

09-20-04, 09:11 AM
Sega was AWSOME... I had a Master System and a Genesis. Some of the best games ive ever played were on the genesis:
Shadowrun (SNES version was great too)
Phantasy Star IV : The End of the Millenium (absolutely amazing... this game cost $99 when it was released, and people payed for it... its so long, and is so perfect... best anime-style RPG -PERIOD-, I cant even play any other ones after playing that)
Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun (just beat this on an emulator after having owned it for at least 5 years... what an AWESOME game... for being as old as it is, i cant believe how much there is to it)

Some other greats:
King's Bounty
General Chaos
Light Crusader (sadly all the games were bugged with broken save chips... even the ROMs are broken... but with the save feature on an emulator, you can save and reload just fine :D)
Arcus Odyssey
Zero Tolerance (came out around Doom, looked pretty good, allowed punching, kicking, damaging scenery, jumping, crouching, planting bombs, body armor, really cool weapons and huge levels... what an awesome game, I wish someone would port it to PC so it ran faster and had mouse support)

I never owned or even played any of the more recent Sega consoles... but I prefer older console games anyway. Any newer games I just cant get in to... it has to be on PC or be on a 16bit :D

09-20-04, 10:01 AM
Saturn was awesome. I remember buying the net link software to play online and surf the web back in 97. Sure I had a pc and aol @ the time, but there was something neat about surfing the web through a console on your t.v. Sega was ahead of their time. Consoles are just now touting online play, when Saturn had it in 97! And the games were great. Loaded, Nights into Dreams, Wipeout, UMK3, Panzer Dragoon Saga, etc.

Alot more of the same with Dreamcast, online ready, and choke full of fun games. I bought one the day it was released...who can forget 9/9/99 =) I still play it. Tennis 2k2 and hydro thunder are just too addictive. Too bad they shut down all the online servers...I was quite addicted to PSO...sega did make some great products....it's too bad 90% of the customers out there buy what the mags tell them too. To think n64 out-sold dreamcast is a travesty and proof that mindless consumers buy what's "cool" rather than what's fun!

09-20-04, 01:10 PM
I've always been a Sega Fan. My beloved saturn needs a decent emulator so I can play all my Saturn games collection. ;)