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salty peanuts
09-20-04, 05:34 AM
Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and soon to be nVidia and need to know a few things when making the switch from ATI. I recently ordered an eVGA 6800 gt and it will be arriving at my doorstep today or tomorrow. I currently have a 9800pro 128mb installed.

Now I have the catalyst driver uninstaller provided by ATI and regcleaner to clean out the registry. Is there anything else I need to know (or in general) about completely wiping out any trace of ATI before installing the 6800gt? I hear the two don't play well with each other.

Also, which driver version should I install? I currently play Battlefield, Far Cry, Doom 3, Painkiller, Call of Duty, looking foward to playing Battle for Middle Earth (pixel shader 3.0 support).

My apologizes if this subject is covered in the forum (so much to look through) for it is not my intentions to clog the threads.

Many thanks


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09-20-04, 05:58 AM
It's always advisable to do a fresh install when changing GPUS/cards from different vendors. It can be hassle I know.

However, you can uninstall the ATI drivers in safe mode. Use drivercleaner available from Driverheaven which removes all traces of ATI drivers. Then install thge NV drivers after installing mobo drivers. I still use 61.77s and they seem to be fine.

09-20-04, 06:28 AM
I agree with Muya!! Clean install would be best but he gave you the best way to get rid of the old drivers if you do not want to do a clean install.

Enjoy the card!!

09-20-04, 11:57 AM
Welocme to nvnews. yes use driver cleaner. 61.77 are good drivers. There are some other newer ones you may try and can find those in the Forceware driver section of the forums if you like to try them out.

09-20-04, 12:29 PM
As said by the others, the best medicine is to bite the bullet and do a clean install of Windows. It will take some more time up front, but it will potentially save you a whole lot of headaches if you need to troubleshoot issues without formatting.

salty peanuts
09-20-04, 03:28 PM
Thanks everyone for the tips and my 6800gt is on the fedex truck and will be here in the next two hours. I wanted to stay away from a fresh install as much as possible so I will see how it goes using drivercleaner. If I have to do a fresh install of xp after installing the 6800gt because of problems well, I guess I have to do it.

09-20-04, 03:40 PM
Driver Cleaner isn't really nessacary unless you make the mistake of pulling the old card before you uninstall the drivers. Booting with a new card while the old drivers are still installed can cause all sorts of troubles but otherwise you should be fine.

09-20-04, 03:43 PM
Driver Cleaner isn't really nessacary unless you make the mistake of pulling the old card before you uninstall the drivers. Booting with a new card while the old drivers are still installed can cause all sorts of troubles but otherwise you should be fine.

Thats not exactly true. ATI and Nvidia leave left over reminents even when uninstalling their respective drivers. Many ppl have reported problems when switching brands even after uninstalling those drivers. So...Driver Cleaner is recommended. We are giving him the best advise to avoid any problems just in case....so yes use driver cleaner.

09-20-04, 04:29 PM
You can use a driver cleaner to get rid of the ATI driver but as others have said when you get a new Video card from a different company it is always best to do a clean install of Win XP so you get rid of any problems that might creep up because of somthing from ati that might get left over.

09-20-04, 04:34 PM
Many people don't realise that they need to uninstall the drivers before they pull the card, that is why they have problems. Seriously, I have just been though a 9800xt which I RMAed and went back to my 9700pro, then I got a 6800gt while I was waiting for the x800xt-pe I am running now. All I did each time was uninstall the old drivers before pulling the card and each and every switch went without issues and my benchmarks prove that everything is opperating just fine.

09-20-04, 11:27 PM
Clean install of windows is the best way to go. I keep a ghost image of a clean install of WinXP at all times.

salty peanuts
09-21-04, 04:35 AM
I chose the drivercleaner route and a little more than an hour later I eliminated all those ATI files. I then proceeded to remove my old 9800pro and replace it with that glorious yet affordable 6800gt. I fired the computer up and installed the 61.77 drivers and everything went without a hitch. I have not attempted to OC it yet because I want to run it at stock for a while.

I then consecutively ran 3dmark 2001, 3dmark 2003, Aquamark 3 (freeware version using default settings), and then Doom 3 timedemo 1 (1280 x 720 HQ)
these are my scores (using stocks speeds for 6800gt):

3dmark 2001 - 19059 w/9800pro (using Catlyst 4.9) - 18480

3dmark 2003 - 10970 w/9800pro (using Catlyst 4.9) - 5895

Aquamark 3 - 60273 w/9800pro (using Catlyst 4.9) - 44545
GFX- 8640 5760
CPU- 9966 9821

Doom 3 -66.0fps w/9800pro (using Catlyst 4.9) 26.4fps

Let me know if these figures are low, just right, or above average. BTW, how do you get a temperature reading on the 6800gt?

Thank you for all your input and suggestions.


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