View Full Version : My Z-340 has gone mono!!!!

Daneel Olivaw
09-20-04, 04:25 PM
Sound comes out from the sub and the main speaker (the one with the volume control and headset jack). If I plug in a headset, sound also come only through one ear however, if I plug the headset halfway in the main speaker and 'wiggle' it, sound randomly comes out through both speakers. My warranty ended 2 months ago.

Any1 got an idea????

Daneel Olivaw
09-20-04, 07:29 PM
It seems the audio out jack on my P4P800 mobo is malfunctionning... I'll try the line out.

09-20-04, 07:43 PM
Buy an audigy 2 zs and you will be happy I promise

09-20-04, 08:04 PM
Or Klipsch 5.1 speakers (if they had broke a few months later they would have shipped me Ultras as a replacement :( )

Control Panel -> Sound and Audio Devices -> 2nd Advanced Button -> 5.1 (it seems like many people neglect this setting...)

Daneel Olivaw
09-20-04, 10:38 PM
Doh! I hadn't restarted in a while. Restarting solved everything... oyyy...

I admit an Audigy crossed my mind. As did new speakers...