View Full Version : The random freezup solution.

09-20-04, 05:17 PM

I've had the random freezups baaad time, (6800 Ultra). :nanahump:

Especially inbetween loads and/or restarts with all kind of weird effects, sound, image and so on.

What I did was that in Rivatuner I set the 2D Core clock to 425 Mhz (forceware tweaks), the same as in Low power 3D and Perfomance 3D.

When I did this all of these lockups were gone completly.

Finally a message to my local computer dealer: (urock)

09-20-04, 05:48 PM

This is something that has been known about for quite some time, but it is not the only possibly solution. Read the sticky at the top of this forum for information about what kinds of problems people have been having.