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09-21-04, 02:08 AM
So I slapped a NV silencer 5 on my bfg6800gt... Before I had the twin fan blue light heatsink... I was running 415gpu /1100 on mem rock solid. After swapping to teh silencer 5, i decided to try flashing and up voltage to 1.4v and take a chance at upping the core speed from 370 to 400 and mem from 500 to 550 in nitsomething (whatever that just released bios editor is called)... and noticed I could overclock the gpu to 430 in coolbits2... this ran ok, or so I thought, a few minutes into battlefieldvietnam and the screen would crapout and crash.. no good... so I thought it might have been the bios... so I open up my original backed up bios and adjust the clock speeds back to stock and left the voltage at 1.4 and flashed again. Once in windows, any game I played would lock up with the gpu that high, even 425 was no good.

So I tried the "detect optimum frequencies" tab in the nvidia settings and it would set me around 380. Thats when I thought about re-editing my bios and upping the core to 420. Then I flashed it again, and bam! It runs at 430 now. I played a few minutes of battlefield vietnam and no hangs or crashes. And hitting "detect optimum frequencies" will suggest something around 425.

So my conclusion is that, (dunno how to say it).. but its like tuning a turbo engine, you cant turn up the boost too much or the engine will crap out reaching a limit, but if you build up the engine internals (i.e. basically changing the default clock speeds via bios) then you can achieve higher clock speeds since it will handle it.

Seems my 3dmark03 scores went from 10500 range to 11060. But mind you I think Im cpu and mobo limited since my mobo isnt 8x agp nore can I run my memory to its fastest...


Elvin Presler
09-21-04, 05:06 PM
Hey. Could you possibly be of assistance here where I am looking for a pic of the copper BFG heat sink? http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=37152

09-21-04, 05:12 PM
i was gonna snap a pic last night but couldnt find my cam.. ill get one to you tonight..