View Full Version : Installing NV5 on Ultra, need ideas.

09-21-04, 02:40 AM
I have a NV Silencer 5 I bought for an GT which I ended up returning and getting an Ultra instead. I want to install it on my Ultra, but I do not think I should have to HACK up the dual slot covers just to do so, esp. when the box clearly says make for Ultra use. I think it is rediculous that Arctic Cooling did not include a new single slot cover for Ultra users since 95% of Ultra have dual slot designs.

Anyway, enough ranting. Anyideas on how to install the NV5 on my Ultra without modding the OEM slot cover?


09-21-04, 02:47 AM
I dont think theres a way... I put one on my ultra but I cut the stock backplate in 2