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09-21-04, 04:44 AM
(newb) Hi,i just got one of these,and in 3dMark03 i got 7609 ! ! Surely that cannot be right ? ? My card runs at stock,which is 400/1100,but i can get it to 450/1200 no problem via coolbits.Also,in 3dMark03 the VGA Memory clock is stated as 807.617187500 and the VGA core clock is 5.3mhz ? ? ? ? What's that all about.All help greatly appreciated. :)

09-21-04, 05:23 AM
Heave you checked when benching in 3D mark that you don't have AA or AF enabled??

About the clock speed showing wrong in 3D mark, well I have the same thing.

09-21-04, 05:35 AM
From what ive read in reviews of the 6800U you get marks between 11-12000 using 1024-768 resolution. What res are you using??

And make sure you check AA/AF as GT Owner said.

Hope this helps :)

09-21-04, 02:48 PM
It all depends on your rig, but if its similar to mine, I got around 13k in 3DMark03

09-21-04, 08:23 PM
If you have a EVGA 6800ultra you should go to there web site and update the video cards Bios.I don't know what your system spec's are but unless you have a slow CPU you should get a higher score than that.And make sure you have installed your GART driver for your motherboard.

09-21-04, 08:24 PM
I'm new... but I have the same readings....
VGA Core Clock 5.3 MHz
VGA Memory Clock 335.9 KHz

DirectX Info
Version 9.0c
Long Version
DirectDraw Info
Version 5.03.2600.2180
Primary Device NVIDIA GeForce 6800
Display Devices
Display Device
Description NVIDIA GeForce 6800
Manufacturer NVIDIA
Total Local Video Memory 128 MB
Total Local Texture Memory 128 MB
Total AGP Memory 256 MB
Driver File nv4_disp.dll
Driver Version
Driver Details
Driver Date 7/15/2004
Driver WHQL Certified FALSE
Max Texture Width 4096 px
Max Texture Height 4096 px
Max User Clipping Planes 6
Max Active Hardware Lights 8
Max Texture Blending Stages 8
Fixed Function Textures In Single Pass 8
Vertex Shader Version 3
Pixel Shader Version 3
Max Vertex Blend Matrices 0
Max Texture Coordinates 8
Name NVIDIA GeForce 6800
Vendor ID 0x10de
Device ID 0x0041
SubSystem ID 0x00000000
Revision ID 0xa1

Texture Formats
32-bit ARGB [8888]
32-bit RGB [888]
16-bit RGB [565]
16-bit RGB [555]
16-bit ARGB [1555]
16-bit ARGB [4444]
8-bit A [8]
8-bit YUV [800]
16-bit AYUV [8800]
FourCC [DXT1]
FourCC [DXT2]
FourCC [DXT3]
FourCC [DXT4]
FourCC [DXT5]

09-21-04, 09:15 PM
(newb) Hi,i just got one of these,and in 3dMark03 i got 7609 ! ! Surely that cannot be right ?

I'll bet you need to instal your motherboard drivers.

09-21-04, 10:29 PM
The clock speed reporting in 3DMark03 is a problem with the program because of the 6800's separate measurements for 2D and 3D clock speed. Everyone I know of who owns a 6800 (myself included) has this "problem." It has nothing to do with your low score. For that, as suggested, a reinstall of your motherboard chipset drivers should solve everything quite nicely.

09-21-04, 10:31 PM
Y34h, th4t sh0uld s0lv3 1t f0r j00!

09-22-04, 01:34 AM
:) Thanks guys,i reinstalled the mobo drivers,and now i am getting 11875 ! By the way,my rig.....as below. (salute)