View Full Version : For sale: AMD XP1900-1 gig of DDR ram and abit mobo

11-06-02, 01:52 PM
Hi all,

I have just recently upgraded my system so the following is for sale.

XP 1900 processor Never OC'd in great condition

Abit kr7a raid mobo in good condition except the usb recently quit working ( not sure if hardware or software related) I didn't mess with it cause I was using this setup most recently as a server.

1 gig of crucial DDR pc2100 ram (4x 256)

I am Paypal verified and could also throw it up on ebay if needed.

Hoping to keep it all together but may split it up if need be.
Looking for about 225.00 for all of it.

email me at rjm870@hotmail.com

11-07-02, 11:51 PM