View Full Version : cannot flash bios?

09-21-04, 12:44 PM
I recently tried to flash my bios on my evga 6800gt.
I downloaded the stock EVGA 6800GT bios from:

I went in and edited the bios.
The stock settings were as follows:
2D: 1.1v
2D/3D: 1.3v
3D: 1.4v

I changed them to:
2D: 1.1v
2D/3D: 1.4v
3D: 1.4v

(This is correct?)

I then saved the file as 14.rom in my nvflash508 directory.

When I rebooted in dos from my boot CD (no floppy drive) I attempted to flash my bios:

c:\overcl~1>nvflas~1>nvflash f 14.rom -p -u -2

when I ran it, it just displayed information just like if I was typing in nvflash /?

Any clue why?

(on second though... I may have been typing in -v instead of -u.... still, it didnt even try to do anything)

09-21-04, 01:08 PM
Perhaps the hardware gods are trying to tell you something here. :eek2:

09-21-04, 01:20 PM
try a floppy into ur system...

09-21-04, 01:30 PM
You should always make a backup copy of your own bios before you do any flashing, too. AND, set up a floppy with your backup and the flash utility on for an emergency.

09-21-04, 01:53 PM
I tried to do a backup but I was unable to write it to the hardrive. I guess that is some NTFS file protection thing? I also dont have a floppy drive in my computer. I didnt want it since I figured I could just boot off a cd bootdisc I created.

09-21-04, 02:32 PM
you can creat a backup on floppy... just take the time to put a floppy in ur system,.. its not like your always gonna do this right?

09-21-04, 03:22 PM
I didnt want it in there because its cleaner w/o it and I never use it.
That still doesnt answer my question though.

09-21-04, 03:41 PM
I dont think you can back up flash from the c: or boot up cd.... maybe something in the program that triggers to look for a a:? i dont know.. come on man its simple, just hook up a floppy just this once... I had to pull out 3 floppy drives I had since non of them worked, and i yanked the one out of my old 486dx computer..

09-21-04, 06:52 PM
I dont want a floppy in my system. It looks ugly, extra wires... Yuck.
Still... I'm wondering why the program didnt attempt to write the new bios to the card.