View Full Version : Help Please With Problem On Leadtek 6800 Gt Card

09-21-04, 01:53 PM
To those with those faulty Leadtek A400 GT's does the card EVER AT ALL ? boot properly without corrupted letters in BIOS ? or EVER AT ALL Work fine and display windows correctly or run a game etc ?? or is it ALWAYS booting up with the screen displaying improperly ? I ask this because

I bought one of these ... Initially it boots up and works fine, but once I run a 3d game like doom3 or half life.. any 3d game.. it works for a bit than hangs the system and gives lines/discoloration etc... when I reboot it gives discolorations and eventually I also get corrupted letters and weird characters in bios screen on re-boot.. The thing is it works O.K. for a bit and I am not finished building my new computer so I am using the card in an old Pentium3 1000Mhz Computer with an ASUS CUV4X MB...I do have everything in the old computer hooked up to an Antec Truepower 480W though for the testing I still think maybe the MB is not feeding the card enough power/and or is just too old cause it seems to work OK than eventually screws up.. because if I power down for a while and reboot it works ok again and than starts screwing up.. and if I run any 3d game that quickly causes a screw up.. so I think it may be overheating... perhaps the MB is the fans power source and is not sufficient ?

Anyways I'd really liek to know if the people with the faulty leadtek cards EVER have booted up ok and managed to run a game etc.. without and screen corruption >?

09-21-04, 02:04 PM
The card probably is incompatible with the motherboard you're running it on. I'm betting dollars to doughnuts it will work fine when you get it set up in your new machine. If it exhibits the same behavior in the new system, then you probably have a faulty card and you would need to get it replaced.