View Full Version : Warhammer 40k Down of War

09-21-04, 03:40 PM
Just picked it up, can't wait to get home and fire that thing up. Demo was awesome, especially with modded Orcs. I've been milking Generals/Zero Hour for over two years now, good to see that there is finally an RTS that can put those two to rest. For those not in the know, I highly recommend the demo, intro scene alone is worth the download.

09-21-04, 03:54 PM
I'm getting my copy tommorow.. w00t!

09-21-04, 04:06 PM
As soon as I'm done with Thief: DS....I'm getting it (had too toss up today between Warhammer & SW: BattleFront.....)

Fat....your right :) the demo movie absolutely kicked butt.

09-21-04, 04:10 PM
Anyone who hasn't played the demo check out a short review Rampant CL and I wrote @: http://www.nvidiot.com

09-21-04, 04:31 PM
FYI default demo setup for skirmish is this time based capture and hold mode. I found the game much more interesting when all winning conditions are turned off except for annihilate. In other words, kill all units, and all structures. Plays a lot like Total Annihilation in terms of resource management and more like starcraft/warcraft in terms of combat.