View Full Version : Safe to overclock a non GS Gainward 6800GT?

09-21-04, 04:48 PM
I have a GW Geforce6800GT that isn't Golden Sample in system equipted with an AMD 64bit 3400+ and a gig of kingston RAM. I overclocked the card to Ultra clock speeds with the included Expertool but I'm wondering if I should keep it at that speed.

I don't want to risk damaging such an expensive card especially since I don't have the GS edition (Or is Golden Sample really just a gimmick? Are normal GW GTs and GSes just as stable, the one just coming preclocked?)

Normally my temp. is at around 53-54 overclocked and goes up to around 60-61 while gaming, is this OK? I unclocked there is about a degree lower difference. Should I just pump my fan speeds up?

I know it's probably not neccassary to OC such a card, but it's the fact that I have the means of running my card at Ultra levels with the click of a button and not actually using it that gets to me.

What problems would I notice in overclocking that would tell me to just reset it back to the 350/1100 clock? Would graphics look weird or would games run badly?

I'm playing Doom 3 on overclocked settings and it runs great on high settings!

I only really play games on 1024X768. I was playing Max Payne 2 and once or twice the game just hangs for about 10 seconds, when I raise the fan speeds or declock the card it seems to be running fine, but it could just be a coincidence seeing as the game doesn't always freeze when I have my card overclocked... No other game seems to do this though and I'm thinking that it's maybe a driver problem more than an overclocking problem... (The specs for MP2 say a 32BIT processor only and I have a 64bit, could this also be a problem) Other than that, the game runs perfectly and I'd except D3 to be giving me problems seeing as it's so much more graphic intensive. I've been reading around and I've noticed some guys have this problem as well, It's also happening in Mafia. Is there anyway to fix it?

I have a 500watt PSU

What do you think? Even though I don't have a GS GT, should I keep my card overclocked or reset back to the original settings and get rid of the overclocking software? Do the extra 50/100 mhz make any noticeable difference in frame-rate or is it really not neccassary? Would Doom 3 suddenly perform alot worse with the card de-clocked, or is there no difference?

Edit: I just uninstalled Expertool and installed Coolbits, I did an "Optimal Settings" test and it came up with 395/1090 (although games like MP2 and Mafia still do the 10 second freeze, which I can live with if I can get a higher clock without having my card damaged) which is just a teensy bit below what I want, should I push it to 400/1100 or could that 5/10mhz be the difference between a fine and broken card?

Hopefull Nvidia will sort out this freezing problem in their next set of drivers.

09-22-04, 01:49 AM
As with any overclock...your results can vary. Signs that your card cannot handle the overclock are graphical artifacts, hangs, boot back to desktop, or even cold reboots. Any amount of overclocking has the risk of rendering the card useless, although MANY GTs overclock just fine, even non-GS gainward GTs. How much you want to push it is up to you. But I'm incline to say that if you are happy with its performance, keep it stock. With me, I have this issue with tweaking everything that I get my hands on. :retard:

09-22-04, 02:15 AM
Try disabling fast writes through Rivatuner. As soon as I overclock and FW are on I get the 10sec pauses.

09-22-04, 05:53 AM
Doesn't Fastwrite being disabled hinder performance in games?

I guess I can live with the 10 scond pause as long as I know it's not destroying my 3D Card and it only happens on some games... Does the hang mean that the overclock has gone wrong or does it happen with all overclocked cards?

09-22-04, 07:06 AM
I have a Gainward 6800GT non GS too, and was wondering the same thing. I'm able to overclock to 445/1100 which makes me wonder if I got a GS that wasn't branded correctly. If I do the 'detect optimal settings' I get 450/1170 which causes the card to hang, but I think it's the memory that's holding me back. My temps are around 53C idle and 67C load.

09-22-04, 07:09 AM
Mine is around 51 Idle and 60 Load.

I can live with the 10 second hang as long as my card wont suddenly die because of it.

09-22-04, 12:17 PM
I think the only difference is the ram latency between the two so you won't get as much out of the ram as the GS alternative and will more than likely only be limited by cooling for oc'ing on the core?