View Full Version : 6800 Ultra problem: reboots, stalled desktop

09-21-04, 07:39 PM
I just installed an Asus 6800 Ultra last night on an IS7-E board. Been running fine with a 9800 Pro and X800XT PE. When I boot Windows with the rig overclocked, I get random reboots. Or sometimes I lose all my desktop icons and the rig is stalled, with the HD light flashing periodically. Hell, I haven't even tried to run 3D yet. I seem to get reboots whenever I try to change video settings via Control Panel.

I installed the latest DirectX 9.0c and the latest Nvidia drivers (as of yesterday). The CPU and ram is stable.

BTW, I assume it's OK to use a splitter on a single 12-volt line off the PSU to feed both voltage ports on the card, e.g., you don't need to use a separate feed off the PSU for each port.

09-21-04, 07:52 PM

The best thing to do would be save any valuable data and do a format of your drive. Load a fresh WinXp installment w/ SP2, chipset drivers, video drivers. It's a big pain to do it, but it's worth it in the end.

If you've never slipstreamed WinXP w/sp2, it's pretty easy. It's saves alot of time. All you need is your WinXP cd, large amount of hard drive space, SP2, and a burner.




09-21-04, 08:16 PM
The 6800ultra take a lot of power to work right you need two seprate 12v lines with nothing else on them to hook up to the card and I don't know what kind of power supply you have but it takes one that has a high amps on the 12v line.IMO it needs at least 25amps on the 12v line and more if possible.

09-21-04, 08:31 PM
Phalinx, I used Ghost to restore a WinXP partition devoid of video/DirectX drivers, so it was clean. But I may have to do a clean install as a last resort if nothing else solves the problem.

I'm hoping John's suggestion will work, although I am using a Fortron 530 (560?) watt power supply. It does seem like a power issue, as the card seems to run fine if the CPU is not overclocked (1.525 versus 1.7 VCORE). Can't believe the Ultra eats up that much juice. My X800XT PE ran fine in the same rig with just one power connector.

I see fuzzy text on this card at 1280x1024x32 desktop, 85 Hz, at least compared to the ATI cards. Very unusual for Asus quality. Thank God I got the Ultra from Newegg in case I need to RMA, though they got no stock to replace it with.

09-22-04, 06:54 AM
Update: Well I am happy to report the problem was running my ram at 5:4. It was stable before on a different board. Funny thing is I loaded the Nvidia drivers at 3:2, got the system stable, then cheated back to 5:4 and everything is fine. Maybe the card needed breaking in?

This 6800 Ultra I just got from Newegg is so fresh off the assembly line the varnish coating on the PCB is sticky. So far no lockup or freeze issues (knock on wood), with FW and SBA enabled.

Auto overclock sets the card at 455/1160. I tried running the ram at 1180 and no artifacts. Got a 72,523 Aquamark score at 425/1180! The ram on this card does not appear to get hot as I measured the backside of the card and I see 36 C temps behind the ram. Maybe it's the more efficient aluminum sink (copper is overrated).

Offhand, the X800XT PE at default clock is way faster in 3DMark2001, and a tad faster in 3DMark2003. High strung though, as the Ultra seems smoother in 3D. The Ultra has driver issues such as kicking out to the desktop on the GunMetal demos, and now with Far Cry when I installed DirectX 9.0C. The ATI is flawless with all games.