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09-23-04, 10:29 AM

Most used vc - GF4MX
CPUs - about 50/50 between AMD and Intel.

09-23-04, 10:35 AM
Am I missing it or is there no listing for "6800s"???

09-23-04, 10:46 AM
They got one person playing in 6 bpp?

09-23-04, 11:40 AM
Am I missing it or is there no listing for "6800s"???
There's no X800s either. They both must fall into that Misc. 4%

09-23-04, 12:03 PM
Am I missing it or is there no listing for "6800s"???

Think about it for a second. The 6800 serries of cards are still "new". It takes time for these new cards to make it to the main stream. Hardcore users will upgrade right away. However we only make up a small part of the overall picture. Then factor that this was a stream survay which is targeting all of the HL users (ie old systems)...

09-23-04, 12:08 PM
Open your mince pies people... top right, it says "This page last updated: 6:44pm PST (02:44 GMT), May 03 2004" ;)

09-23-04, 12:30 PM
Most used vc - GF4MX

It doesn't take a whole lot of gpu processing power to run a 5 yr old graphics engine.

09-23-04, 12:42 PM
I submitted one of those questionarre thingys yesterday...

also for me it says:
This page last updated: 10:21am PST (18:21 GMT), September 23 2004

09-23-04, 01:04 PM
Kinda scary how many people have such low end machines... how the hell did Doom 3 sell so well??? A friend of mine is running on an 1800+ with a 128Mb Radeon 9200 and its so slow he had to turn everything off (no shadows, no bumpmapping). I cant imagine all these geforce 2 MX, 4MX or 5200 cards are running it better.
Maybe most people that buy hardware that doesnt suck, just dont play Half-Life :|

09-23-04, 01:10 PM
BTW, everyone go check out the "status" page... can anyone explain the fluctuations? Its really odd, around midnight is the lowest gaming point... not sure why... good TV shows on then? From 5AM to about 4PM it fluctuates really bad... is it 1000s of kids trying to get on at school and then leaving after 10 minutes? Cant imagine any other good reason.

Also, it looked like there was a major server crash or something... it went down to like 4,000 players at one point. And I think its completely amazing, that at any given time there are at least 50,000 (usually) people playing half-life... I think this has to be the most popular game of all time.

09-23-04, 01:32 PM
Wow, as if 56k users were in the minority already, around 2% of Half-life players are still using dial-up. Guess that makes me special...

Edit: Oh, and I've never heard of this processor manufacturer before...

Processor Vendor
AuthenticAMD 193,620 48.22 %
CentaurHauls 36 0.01 %
CyrixInstead 2 0.00 %
GenuineIntel 207,919 51.78 %
GenuineTMx86 1 0.00 %
ValveIsGreat 1 0.00 %
1 0.00 %

09-23-04, 02:23 PM

What the hell?