View Full Version : FS UK: 1 day old water cooling setup, inc. nv-68!!

09-23-04, 04:25 PM
hey, bought a water cooling setup on sunday night from oc-uk, got delivered yestarday morn, and cost me 280, but after trying it out for a few hours last night i've decided that its not for me, so here is your opertunity to pick up an absolute bargin!

it includes:

eheim 1048 pump,
Danger Den maze 3 (amd),
Danger Den nv-68,
thermochill dual 120mm radiator (this thing is an absolute monster!!)
2x high cfm (low noise) 120mm fans
2x 120mm fan grills
water wetter
tubing (cut for my pc, but you can pick it up for pennies at anyu hardware store)
Danger den 5.25 inch bay reservoir
plumber tape to seal the joints
8x Worm Drive Hose Clips (to make sure they are sealed!!)
and an unused tube of artic Ceramique

i am asking 220 for the lot inc. rmsd everything still in box and is literally brand new!!

I am also open to offers and trades! got plenty of posative feedback on ebay too!!

(pm if you want a link to my ebay feedback, becasue you cant post any ebay links)

09-26-04, 03:01 PM
Hi there
Just wanna know if you can split it or want to sell the lot only