View Full Version : Help with access time

09-26-04, 11:52 PM
I have a K8N NEO Platinum and 120GB sata maxtor hd
I installed Winxp and the system are very slow
My access time in Hdtach is 26ms
This is normal?

Bill The Cat
09-27-04, 05:42 PM
Which model?

09-30-04, 01:58 AM
Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 (6Y120M0) revision YAR51HW0

Bill The Cat
10-01-04, 12:50 AM
Do you have DMA set for your hard drive? Go into device manager and take a look. It should say UDMA 5, which is typically used for hard drives.

It may also be poor quality or loose cables. As a last resort try reformatting, that, suprisingly, has been known to work as well. But I'd put my money on DMA not being set.