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11-07-02, 05:56 PM
Okay, here it goes:

I am trying to set up a home network between 2 computers. The network connections on this computer disappeared and it doesn't even show my LAN to connect to internet. I try opening the Network Setup Wizard but it doesn't work. I mean, it doesn't even give me a error message, nothing happens. My computer is still connected to the internet thru a hub/router so I don't use a gateway. I have DSL so it is always on. Any suggestions please? I don't want to re-install anything because I am only running with 1 partition, I don't have another hard drive to back things up to and I have too much stuff to move. anyways, HELP!

11-08-02, 02:12 PM
Alright...this sounds like it'll be fun... :rolleyes: :p

What brand/model cable router are you using?

Are both PC's using WinXP?

Try ipconfig in command prompt and see if both pc's are being issued an IP.

If you disconnect your PC from the router, will the other system be able to get out on the internet?

From your PC, try pinging the other PC's IP....

Once we get through these "intro" steps, we'll have the problem solved in no time!


11-08-02, 04:26 PM
Im not sure if this is the samething or not but your network may just be hidden, did you click on (not sure in eng version) see all computers in workgroup? As for the internet connection shouldnt it be automatic? I mean if its configured correctly when you turn on your pc it should be connected to the internet? Thats what happens on my LAN although Im not using a router, but same principle isnt?

11-08-02, 08:36 PM
Smokey, you're 99.9% correct.... :D

The router introduces a few variables to the equation...variables which range from big to small depending on the router's vendor. Some companies has super-simple setups that are easy to configure, whereas others have a few tricky spots that might catch someone who is new to setting them up...


11-09-02, 11:13 AM
Hey guys, thanks for your help, I kinda got sick of messing with it after a few min and just formatted my drive. So right now I am starting from scratch and am in the process of getting everything back up. Should be done today, and I'll be back later. Peace!:D ;)