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09-27-04, 02:39 PM
They have some of these at Monarchcomputer.com . Supposedly to be released tomorrow. Interestingly, I haven't heard much about the launch of this new core...

One would think that since 130nm is reduced down to 90nm that that would be a significant enough of a change to cause a stir....

In fact, the only news I can find on this core is from 2003.

The way the A64 evolved is:

Clawhammer 754(130nm) to Newcastle 754(130nm) to newly released Winchester 754(90nm)

939 (130nm) to Newcastle 939 (130nm) to San Diego 939 (90nm) (NEXT STEP WILL BE DUAL CORE 939!)

So, if any one has news on this new core, please send it my way as I would like to know a little more.


09-27-04, 02:44 PM
Hopefully these processors won't have the heat problems Intel had with the Prescotts. That's the only thing I'm afraid of. But bring on the dual core 939s, especially if all current motherboards need is a BIOS update. :D

09-27-04, 03:38 PM
This is very good news. Hopefully the 3500+ prices will drop shortly, and then I'll be on my way to a sexy new setup.

Damn college tuition, it just doesn't go well with expensive hobbies.

09-27-04, 03:48 PM
Damn college tuition, it just doesn't go well with expensive hobbies.

It'll payoff in the long run though ;)

09-27-04, 03:51 PM
Amen to that, but it still doesn't make not being able to play with a the sexy eye-candy any easier to take :p

09-27-04, 07:35 PM
Yeah I almost ordered today the Athlon 64 3500 and then I saw in the drop down menu that they have the 90nm core version, so I did a little research.
There are still not that many reviews out but I found out that it runs 5 C higher than the 13nm version. I dont know yet if there are any advantages of the 90 nm. So I guess I'll hold up for some extra reviews before I purchase it.

09-27-04, 07:37 PM
Do you think Dual core will get you Speed in everyday applications ?, and not simple two CPUs on one Socket thing , Dual CPUs usualy don't have big impact if any on game performance. Maybe we will get similar effect just like Pentium 4 Hyperthreading ? just better response with multiple programs running ?

09-27-04, 10:18 PM
I believe a dual core CPU will be much like having SMP right? So software must be written specifically to take advantage of it meaning it probably won't make a big impact on the speed of existing software at the time of it's introduction.

09-27-04, 10:19 PM
San Diego is the 90nm Athlon 64 FX. Winchester is the 90nm Athlon 64 which will only be available in a 939 pin version.

09-27-04, 10:43 PM
San Diego is the 90nm Athlon 64 FX. Winchester is the 90nm Athlon 64 which will only be available in a 939 pin version.

So the FX-55 is being released tomorrow?

09-28-04, 12:09 AM
I thought October 11th

09-28-04, 12:54 AM
you sure?

I thought it was an end of year product?

09-28-04, 12:57 AM
I'm just saying what the cores are. These shops probably have the info wrong.. the FX-55 is meant to be a 130nm part, as is the 4000+. 90nm isn't reaching high enough clock speeds yet to go high end. That will happen next year. By then I'm expecting a 2.6GHz 512KB L2 cache 4000+ to replace the 130nm 2.4GHz 1MB L2.

09-28-04, 08:25 AM
like viral said,
san diego is not the name for the 90nm chip that is being released at the moment, san diego will be coming out sometime next year and is planned to be the replacement of the fx series of cpu's. there might be some improvement in design too.
dual cores will be cool, i think AMD have got a lot of confidence about being able to deliver something special with these cpu's. id say they'd be much better at multi tasking than p4 HT but the real benifit will be how much cpu power they can get with that setup. its a lot easier to put 2 slightly lesser cpu cores together than it is to match that power with one chip. thats how they going to get the speed increases over the next few years-backed by software support next years looking pretty hot.