View Full Version : USB problem with GA-7n400 Pro2 MB

09-28-04, 03:04 PM
I am in the process of building a new rig. After installing WinXP and applying SP1a ( which I downloaded the complete patch via network professional installation), I then installed the nforce 5.10 drivers. After reboot I did a rescan and did not notice any changes in the hardware name. I plugged in a high speed USB device and windows tells me that I am plugging in a high speed device into a non high speed usb hub.

I tried reinstalling windows and the SP1 patch but no luck. I tried to manually access the drivers but the nforce installation directory does not seem to have any usb drivers.

Please advice.

Thanks in advance,

My current setup:

AMD XP 3200+ w/ Vantec Aero Flow 2
Gigabyte GA-7n400 Pro2 MB
1024 OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Dual Channel
PNY Geforce 6800 GT
2 WD 160 gig SATA Base configuration
1 Enermax EG485P Coolergiant power supply
1 Enermax Multi-function Panel
1 Memorex 8x DVD +/- RW

09-29-04, 04:14 PM
The problem was fixed after I updated to F11 bios. BTW, the Gigabyte bios update tool is fantastic.

09-29-04, 04:17 PM
Just another note. I was not able to utilize Dual Channel until I raised the memory voltage to 2.7V . No problems with stability at all.