View Full Version : Help me blow some money

09-29-04, 12:50 PM
about $150... why, because it's burnin' a hole in my pocket...

What, if any upgrade should I make:

A64 3200+ Winchester Core
MSI Neo2 platinum
2x512mb Twinx PC4000 Pro Corsair
BFG 6800 GT
Audigy 2 ZS
Asus 8x DVD burner
DVD drive
Raptor 74 Gig HD
ATI TV Wonder Pro

Chieftec Dragon Case w/side window

I was think buying some stuff for better wire/cable management... being creative and getting some flexible chrome piping or something.....

I was also thinking of buying 2x256 PC4000 Corsair memory since this board has 4 mem slots... Would this affect performance? I know some boards don't like using all available memory slots...

Possible getting another 74 Gig Raptor to run in RAID striped???

Too bad 7.1 Gigaworks are $350.....

Recommendations please? And, please don't tell me to save it... cause I won't and if I don't get good advice from you all then I will end up buying something "not worth while...."

09-29-04, 01:07 PM
Buy some games to put all that hardware to use. Put a pre-order down for HL2 collector's edition. Otherwise, I'd say buy more memory. If you have 4 slots...fill them boys up. I only have two =/ Quite expensive to upgrade. Which is why im sticking out 1GB for as long as I can. More memory is always a good thing.

09-29-04, 01:07 PM
Frmo what you suggested, I would be another raptor and run it in raid striping mode.

More ram would waste your money imo.

09-29-04, 01:36 PM
A little bumpage and a second plea... the urge to spend needs immediate gratification..... which requires quick feeback from y'all....