View Full Version : XFX 6800GT TO 1.4v? Freez Solution?

09-30-04, 04:28 AM
Ok i had XFX 6800GT. MY MAX OC IS 410,1.17 no strange poly. in stock Voltage
When i Change the Volt to 1.4v i can get up to 430 but in 3Dmark 2001 and Doom3 the Screen became Garbage like green colors, trying Lowering the OC speed but no luck? in the beginning i thought it's Heat ,but that wasn't. i got 80c in LOAD. So no problem. is there a solution with that or Just Stick with stock Volt.

My system is
P4 2.8c (O.C. 3.45), 1 GB Twin Moose (5:4),Antec TP 550W,Asus P4P899SE.
WinXP sp2, 66.70.
Sorry for my language.


09-30-04, 07:47 AM
Sounds like your core just does not like the 1.4 volt.
I would just put it back to 1.3 and be happy with 410. :)

My core is very happy at 410. That's where
I'm running it all the time. My memory
is most happy at 1180.
So I have ultra speeds from a GT. :D

09-30-04, 07:53 AM
Well, my GT is ok with 1.4V, but I don't want to oc it past my current speeds yet.

09-30-04, 11:07 AM
my bfg 6800gt runs almost all games fine at 420/1100, except doom3. in that, after a good amount of playing, the screen will suddenly fill with garbage colors and lock up. does not happen at 415mhz. i think i've just hit the limit of the card. at 1.3v, it can't really get past 400mhz, so i think this is as good as it's gonna get.

09-30-04, 11:19 AM
My gt will tollorate 1100 mem, but it wont go anyhigher for long periods. I will run 1.06 most of the time. Sucks, my core is stable 455, but memory is LAME!