View Full Version : Geforce 6800NU Brand/number of unlocked pipes

09-30-04, 12:57 PM
I'd like you to post here the brand of your Geforce 6800NU card and the number of pipes you succeeded to unlock with rivatuner 15.2.
I see now that there are very high success rates on rivatuner 15.2.On your posts i will decide which brand of Geforce 6800NU i will buy.

09-30-04, 01:00 PM
I got a Asus v9999GE (This is a NU with 256mbDDR3). I have undlocked all 16ps and all 6vs :)
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09-30-04, 01:07 PM
What affect (if any) do you guys see down the road on these modded NU cards? Won't it be stressed too much in the long term? I'm not trying to sound like a smart ass or anything, I really don't know and would like some sort of indication as to it's possible long term affects. I'm thinking of buying a 6800NU to try this out.

09-30-04, 01:21 PM
i'm interested especially in the cards that cost 300$ or less.
This means that all 6800NU's but not ASUS 6800NU 256MB DDR3,Gainward 2200,or other cards that pass the 300$ sector.

09-30-04, 01:29 PM
I got a Gigabyte GV-N68128DH (Nu with 128MB, passively cooled).
I have unlocked all 16p and all 6vp without any problems.

But if you're looking for stats, have a look in the Guru3d-thread. There are not that many betatesters here ;)

09-30-04, 01:43 PM
I already looked on the Guru3d forums but almost all posters no not say or do not have written the geforce 6800nu brand that they own so please post here.

09-30-04, 01:52 PM
Is there anywhere I can get the new rivatuner? Or when is its release date?

09-30-04, 01:53 PM
There are not that many betatesters here ;)

There will be soon enough ;)

09-30-04, 02:34 PM
Release date is next monday. Since it is a "closed" beta-testing there is no way to get it before. There is a NDO "Non-disclosure-agreement".