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10-01-04, 06:51 PM
I'm trying to get Win2k Pro installed on an MSI K8N Neo Platinum (socket 754), and want to boot off a mirror. I get a hang whenever I get to hardware detection.

My drives look like this:

Pri Master: CD-ROM
Pri Slave: WD 80 gig
Sec Master: WD 80 gig
Sec Slave: empty

I downloaded the latest "official" drivers from Nvidia, and made a driver disk as per their instructions.

I select both options from the driver disk during install - RAID and Storage driver.

Any suggestions appreciated.

10-01-04, 09:47 PM
This may not help you since its a different motherboard Im using, but as reference....I have an asus p4c800-e deluxe. There are options in the bios to set RAID for IDE or SATA to enabled. Once thats done, if the raid is set up already, such as after a bios update, you have to set the boot order. If the raid is not recognized, then it requires using the built in Intel raid setup(no drivers are required to be installed for the ICHR5 as they are on the chip itself). If the raid is set up, then you go back into the mainboard bios and back to the boot order, then it will show RAID is enabled and show the drive as bootable and can then be selected for placement in the boot order.
Note, this mobo also offers a promise raid controller that does require drivers to be installed if you want to run more then one raid array.

Now, since the raid is setup and recognized, it will show up in the ide devices as ONE drive(striped). Dunno how itd look if mirrored, but i'd assume the same since the mirror wouldnt be selectable as the boot drive since its part of a raid

Now for yours, since you got it mirrored and you want to boot off the mirror, I can make some suggestions to try, tho I dunno if it'd work.

You can try switching the the ide cable(or sata) primary to the mirrored drive and the current primary to the slave(secondary). Thus, the drive you WERE booting from becomes the slave and the prior slave(mirror) becomes the primary.

You can try removing the primary drive all together and then try setting the mirrored drive in the boot order and see if it'll work.

I wish I could be more helpfull, but I dont have your motherboard. Just thought Id offer some ideas.

10-02-04, 07:55 AM
If your installing to a raid setup then make sure that you dissconnect the non-boot drives first as it will try to use those drives first rather than the raid disk(s). I had similar problems installing 2KPro onto a raid array. Also if your cd-rom is the primary master that could also make things problematic, have you tried the cdrom on secondary master and the IDE's on the primary master+slave? Or does the IDE config not allow for the two hard drives on the primary channel? Also what service pack is the setup disk?
Sorry if thats not much help.

10-02-04, 11:21 AM
If your installing to a raid setup then make sure that you dissconnect the non-boot drives first as it will try to use those drives first rather than the raid disk(s).

Keep that in mind, I disconnected everything except what was required to boot (two drives, CD-ROM). New behavior:

* The BIOS Raid utility came up saying that the "first" RAID was running in degraded mode (this is most certainly a BIOS bug, and potentially a very dangerous one - I can discuss if anyone's interested). Fixed that.

* Rebooted, got back to the Installing Devices screen in Win2k setup - and it hangs in the same spot - but the hard drives are doing something like mad. I'm guessing that the driver is resyncing the drives for some reason.

Hopefully this is a good sign. Could take a while...

FYI, I'm installing from a Win2k SP4 slipstream install CD that I created, so bootable raid shouldn't be an issue.

Will try moving stuff around the IDE chains if this doesn't work - thanks.

10-03-04, 10:55 AM
You could try installing it on to just one disk? Then plug the other drive in and it should rebuild the array using the first disk, If that makes sense. Thats what mirrored arrays are for, if one disk fails then the new disk is rebuilt from the surviving disk(s). I had no probs whatsoever using 1 Raptor on a 1+0 setup but that would stripe if i put another disk in because I wanted performance rather than the security of a mirrored array.

If you set up the raid bios to mirror,install to just one disk and when windows is up + stable, put the other drive in and the raid bios should do the hard work and do the mirroring for you. That is all I can think of doing apart from maybe one drive has a hardware fault?

Hope thats helpful hirschma :)

10-03-04, 11:23 AM
Crap. I just gave up on Win2k for this and installed XP instead. Installation was effortless and took minutes.

Thanks all.

10-04-04, 12:03 AM
I have yet to get win2k to install using nvraid either. I have a vnf3-250 mobo. I have tried almost every driver version from the ones on the cd that came with the mobo all the way up to the 5.10s. Trying both the xp and win2k drivers. Never have I been able to get win2k to install using the raid array. WinXP has no problems whatsoever though. Win2k will install if I don't have raid setup. it installs perfectly fine.

10-04-04, 05:48 AM
Sorry that wasn't much help hirschma, guess it must be a VIA issue. I had no problems with 2K installs on any nforce2 boards with raid. Sometimes the easiest option is the best one.