View Full Version : wtb: 6800nu

10-04-04, 05:29 PM
looking for a 6800nu ! would be nice if the card has nice overclockabillity! i will give 250-260$ shipped via paypal! :nanahump:


10-05-04, 07:11 AM
Check outpost.com. They have the BFG 6800 NU for 249 plus approx. 7 bucks shipping. Lifetime warranty even ;)

10-05-04, 09:06 AM
hey thx for the info also the heatsink of the 6800 that is been showing in outpost.com is diffrent than the one shown in the official bfg website!

if i order onw which heatsink would i get?

10-05-04, 04:47 PM
Not sure, I think all new ones come with the newer model as seen on the BFG website. I believe the one at outpost is the reference cooler which came on the first few cards.

10-05-04, 06:01 PM
well thx for the link!