View Full Version : Toca 2 Stutter Fix!

10-05-04, 02:43 AM
Well I had this annoying hang problem in Toca Race Driver 2 FOREVER and it annoyed the **** outta me. I finally figured out how to fix it, thought id share:

1. Run Toca Race Driver 2
2. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del
3. Right click on the process rd2.exe, set the priority to HIGH
4. click yes on the prompt that comes up
5. Back to Toca, glitch free!

10-05-04, 03:06 AM
A fix such as that one is very dependant on what cpu you have, raising the priority on games some times give you terrible mouse/keyboard lag. But if it works its good, other ppl might get it to work too

10-05-04, 04:32 AM
I had no issues with the Demo...

10-05-04, 11:30 AM
The game runs fine here.

10-05-04, 11:43 AM
stutters only occur if ur runnin winxp sp2

10-05-04, 12:22 PM
Thats because SP2 sucks for games...

Disable DEP (data execution prevention).