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10-06-04, 11:37 AM
Hi everyone,

currently im thinking about an upgrade of my graphic card... i have an msi 5900xt 128mb, flashed to an leadteak 5950u (without problems).
My other Specs are:

P4 2,8ghz
Intel i850E Mobo
1Gb 1066 RD-RAM (Rambus)

it the upgrade to an 6600(GT?) noticable (i mean REALLY noticeable... not 5fps). Will there an difference in Speeds for the AGP-Versions? I Only have AGP and since my mobo support RD-RAM and i dont want to switch mobo+ram i have to go with AGP.

Any Advices are Welcome!


10-06-04, 12:15 PM
LEAPS and BOUNDS over that crap depending on the CPU. With your specs you should see a considerable jump I think especially with IQ settings set to max.

10-06-04, 12:18 PM
Its only a 6600GT not the 6800GT, it will be faster i think. but i dunno by how much.

10-06-04, 12:22 PM
Whoops read GT. Well first off,an X700 XT is noticeable faster then a 9800 XT. Its a pretty good leap and for the cost its a good deal. The leap should be about the same for the 6600 GT. Being that the 9800 XT noticeably is faster then a 5900 XT and faster then a 5950U retail, and the X700 XT is faster then 9800 XT which is lined up against the 6600 GT, I go for the 6600 GT.

Hope that made sense. :wong:

10-06-04, 12:25 PM
I personaly wouldnt, i would save for another month and get a 6800GT, much more worth it in my opinion.

10-06-04, 03:12 PM
6600GT are only available in PCI-e, AGP versions will probably be out around november.

Performance is faster than the 5950 ultra in dx8 games but not by much maybe 5~10%, in dx9 games is noticeably faster.

I think of the 6600gt as a 5900 ultra+DX9 (done right)+SM3.0. So I really don't see it as an upgrade from a 5950u.

If you really want to upgrade you should consider at least a 6800nu or better a 6800GT.

10-07-04, 06:58 AM
Not worth it IMO. Sure it'S faster but not by that much and only at high quality settings.
Save up some more and get a 6800GT.

10-07-04, 08:23 AM
In general it'll only be faster in AA/AF and in DX9. DX8 or lower with no AA/AF wouldn't be too much faster.