View Full Version : Fast Write

10-08-04, 09:08 AM
i'm using 6800ultra but i have alot of lockup in my system in game and in windows 2d the system just lockup and i have to do a reset i try all kind of thing now i disable fast write in the bios and so far my system run o.k for now my question is can fast write do all this even lockup the computer in 2d mode or maybe i have somthing alse that i don't see yet.....?

10-08-04, 10:01 AM
If i got this right disabling FW solved your lockup problem? FW can cause instability- Never heard that it causes it in 2D mode but if it solved your problem i wouldn't think about it anymore. FW should be disabled anyways.
I can have em enabled with my card and they give me an incredible performance boost of a few points in 3dmark. Not worth the risk of having a crash in a game just at the moment when you forgot to save. I disabled them to be safe.