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11-09-02, 06:29 PM
hi guys i'm a newbie round here....my system lock up evertime in enter the win98 se with agp4x but it's fine with agp 2x. i instaled via 4 in 1 443 and updated newer bios. just don't know what to do anymore....BTW is there a big difference between agp 2x with 4x performance?

ABIT kr7a-133 raid
Xp1700+(volcano 7 +)
256 v-gen pc 2700
inno3d gf 3ti200(40.72)
Live! de 5.1
20 gigs quantum fireballl 7200rpm
win 98 se

11-09-02, 06:49 PM
nah no big difference at all. maybe 1-2 fps. stick with your agp 2x.

11-09-02, 08:34 PM
thanx thcdru2k, BTw my 3d mark score is 6600-6700 is this fine?coz my friend told me i should be able to get the score around 7000-8000 pts.

11-09-02, 08:46 PM
yeah that is a bit low for your system. definately try some tweaking. head over to tweak3d.net

11-10-02, 07:59 PM
i can't fine better tweak, i think there's a hardware problems for me.

11-11-02, 07:20 AM
Is your card at default clock speeds? Because your friend must be thinking of some serious OC'ing. All the results in the 7300-8000 range on ORB are OC'd far past stock speeds.

11-11-02, 08:15 AM
Yeah, your score is about right for that system. My friend has a 1.4 GHz Athlon and a GF3 Ti200 and he gets about 6000-6300 at stock speeds. Your faster CPU will bring up your score to about where you have it right now. I wouldn't worry about it.

11-13-02, 07:56 PM
hey, thanks guys...it's nice to hear that.

11-13-02, 10:34 PM
Originally posted by Domy
hey, thanks guys...it's nice to hear that.

I get just over 8000 with a gf3 oc faster than a Ti500, my FSB was at 142 and I have a faster cpu, so no your score would be about what you could expect, just make sure your anio is off or 1x max 2x or 4x will really hit your score.

11-14-02, 09:47 AM
i instaled via 4 in 1 443

That could be your problem right there. Most people with 98 should use the 4.35's or max the 4.38's. Anything above is geard for KT333 chipsets and win XP... go back down and try it -- it can't hurt.


VIA forums can help you if you want to do more research and see if your problem is related.