View Full Version : NV Silencer 5 effects on ambient case temps?

10-08-04, 12:23 PM
I recently upgraded from an MSI 4200 video card to an XFX 6800 GT card that idles ~54-55'C and runs ~65'C under load.

My ambient case idle/load temps went up 1-2'C.

I was wondering how much (if any) going to the NV Silencer 5 cooling option effects the internal ambient temperature of the computer? In all the reviews that I've seen (1, 2?), nobody mentioned ambient case temp before/after, just the video card's temps.

Also, another way to see this is hard drive temps. My Seagate 120GB drive reports the temp in SMART output, and I've noticed it's peak temp during gameplay has gone up ~2-3'C.

With the NV Silencer 5 pushing the air out of the back (instead of recirculating it around inside), could it even possibly lower the ambient/HD temps below what I had with the 4200?

Can anyone provide some bofore/after comments about case temps?

10-08-04, 12:45 PM
My temps dropped considerably. For instance the sensor I had placed at the bottom of the case directly below the videocard now reads 4*C colder than it did before and the sensor at the top of the case reads 2*C colder.