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10-08-04, 04:25 PM

Hmmm...I think system shock is getting resurrected..

A quote from the article..."Here's a hint: it will likely please fans of System Shock 2"

10-08-04, 04:44 PM
Bring it on.

SS2 was a great game

10-08-04, 04:45 PM
Whoops, double post...where's the damn delete button?

10-08-04, 04:47 PM
System Shock 3...:drooling:

Well, I'm not going to get my hopes up, but it would be pretty damn cool if this was true! In any case, it's SOMETHING that's related or similar to System Shock 2, they give some big hints about the game in that article:

But why even look back at System Shock 2 at this point? Because Irrational has been, and it plans to make a related announcement this Friday (tomorrow). The studio has decided that it wishes to further what it started in System Shock 2--to work on games that promote "emergent" gameplay--open-ended exploration that offers many choices and combinations of options to players. You'll see what we mean tomorrow. Be sure to come back then.

Now I can't wait for tomorrow! God, I'm in gaming heaven...2 major games being released this month that I'm really looking forward to, HL2 being availible for preorder with CS:S being fully playable, I'm getting Broadband next tuesday, and now a possible System Shock 3 announcement! Can this get any better?

10-08-04, 05:05 PM
Maybe a spin off from system shock? Hopefully the marketing for this product will be better and it will sell better than SS2...

10-08-04, 07:17 PM


10-08-04, 10:02 PM
Huh, interesting...guess we don't have to wait until tomorrow :D

It might not be System Shock 3, but it certainly sounds intruiging. We'll have to see how this plays out, I do like some of the features they described.

10-08-04, 10:04 PM
hmmm...interesting... i hope they can keep the controls and gameplay streamlined enough to keep it from getting overwhelming

it's not SS3 but looks promising

10-08-04, 10:45 PM
I really hope this doesnt turn into another game exactly like Half-Life and Doom 3, where you roam around some facility with strange experiments and machinery.

It sounds pretty cool if they avoid that kind of thing. I wasnt a big fan of system shock 2 really... in fact, its one of the few games i ever returned to EB after playing. It just didnt click with me at ALL.

10-08-04, 10:59 PM
Oh man, SS2 is one of my favorite games! it's so scary and I really like the RPG system it uses. Oh and it was scary as hell.

Holy Smoke
10-09-04, 11:12 AM
No, it was scarier than hell.

This brings joy to my body parts.

10-09-04, 02:07 PM
this had me exceited until I read the article,its NOT SS3.....

10-09-04, 02:25 PM
this had me exceited until I read the article,its NOT SS3.....

maybe because EA owns the license, eh :bash: