View Full Version : MY first BIOS adjustment !!HELP!!

10-09-04, 07:32 PM
Well im thinking of trying to flash the bios on my EVGA 6800NU to a better bios. Im curious what you would reccomend? Also my OC on this card is very horrible 380/780 and was wondering if bio's flash would help with my oc any but? If so can somone please post tips and directions on how to do it? I looked at the Bios thread and had no luck. Let me know. Thanks!

10-09-04, 07:41 PM
You should backup your bios before you do anything else. And, instead of using a different bios you should edit the one you have and flash it back to your card. At least use the one you have to start with.

If you go over to w*w*w.m*v*k*t*e*c*h.n*e*t (remove the asterisks) and read the nVidia bios forums you'll find everything you need. And look in the Downloads section too.

Good Luck!