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10-09-04, 11:59 PM
So I decided it was time to upgrade from my 9600XT to a brand new 6800GT card, but I am having a problem. First, let me state that I wiped my HD clean, installed windows, sp2 and then the latest Nforce and Forceware drivers available on Nvidia's site.

I installed SW Battlefront and went to crank up the resolution, and found that the highest I can go is 1024x768. I thought was strange, but found no help on it. I then went to install War3, and that too I can only go up to 1024x768. I know that it is a problem, since my 9600xt could do 1920x1200 on my Apple Cinema Display.

So my question is, why does Windows know I can display 1920x1200 - but none of the games I am playing do? (If this has been covered somewhere else here, I am sorry - but I tried searching) :)

10-10-04, 12:14 AM
Higher resolutions are not available in the video options? Weird!

10-10-04, 02:55 AM
I can't help but using the 66.81 drivers, I have exactly the same problem with Battlefield Vietnam v1.2.

10-10-04, 06:40 AM
I did a fresh format and reinstall with the 61.77 drivers from their site and it still happens. I am starting to think that it is related to Direct3D - since Doom3 still allows me to go up as high as 1600x1200 (same as it used to). Does anyone know where in the registry Direct3D stores allowed resolutions?

10-10-04, 10:43 AM
Did you try installing your monitor drivers?

i had the same problem on my 21" syncmaster after my XP reinstall earlyer this week
i could get 2048 in windows NP but only a max 1024 in d3d games then i realised i had'nt installed my monitor drivers....doh

10-10-04, 12:07 PM
At first I thought that could be the problem - but I did not have to install drivers for my Apple Cinema Display when I used my 9600xt (not that Apple even makes Windows Drivers for their monitors). Plus, Windows knows that I can display 1920x1200 for my desktop, it is only Direct3D applications that don't.