View Full Version : No increase in gaming performance from 9800 pro to 6800 GT

10-10-04, 06:53 PM
Hi, I just upgraded to the BFG 6800 GT from the 9800pro and see almost no fps gain whatsoever with the same settings. In Flight Sim 2004 I get almost the same fps with both cards with very high settings. Also using 3dMark01 SE I get 15500 with both cards, default settings, no aa or anistropic. With 1280x1024 I see an increase from 11000 to 12800.

My specs are:
2.6 p4 800fsb
1gig 3200 memory

Is this my cpu limiting performance? If so, will I see a significant performance increase between cards with newer games, like Doom or Far Cry? Or could it just be a setting that I need to change?

Also, I tried tinkering with the settings in the display settings and also changed some settings using rivatuner, like fastwrites, and no change.

Thanks in advance for your help.

10-10-04, 06:55 PM
most likely you're cpu limited :). Check what happens when ya drop resolution?

10-10-04, 07:16 PM
Yup, you probably should try the doom3 and/or Farcry benchmarks. Or try 3dmark03/05. These are not very cpu dependent and mostly likely will show you an increase (although these might not really reflect current games necessarily ;))

10-10-04, 07:42 PM
I thought there were benchmarks which showed that Doom3 was just as demanding on your CPU as on your video card, and the Athlon64 cleaned up very nicely...

10-10-04, 08:03 PM
well in game test yes, Doom 3 is very cpu demanding but in fly bys or time demos the cpu is barely touched.

10-11-04, 12:21 AM
Also did you format when upgrading to remove previous ATI drivers that might be causing a conflict? How about using Driver Cleaner?

When I did my upgrade from a 9800pro the performance difference was HUGE!

10-11-04, 12:25 AM
I dont think your cpu is holding you back. Did you run driver cleaner and get all those ati files off your HD? Also run bin cleaner which is located in the options of driver cleaner. Also try running 3dmark05 and some demanding games like Halo, Farcry, etc. I've seen people with 2.0ghz intel systems getting 20k in 3dmark 01...so it's not a cpu thing. What type of psu are you using?

10-11-04, 12:29 AM
Fligh Sim's are always demanding games because of the huge and expansive detailed terrains they have to render etc. However, I saw noticeable gains in Flight sims going from 9700 Pro to 6800 Ultra...IL-2 FB and Lock On.

But other games such as the new ones liek Doom III and Far Cry, you should be a noticeable gain in FPS with AA and AF enabled!

10-11-04, 12:31 AM
Also as U17 suggested...maybe their are residual ATI drivers..a mix and match or drivers from differ IHVs is not advisable...always better to reformat and install again windows

10-11-04, 06:51 AM
I could not play lock on w/ my 9700p at my native resolution

10-11-04, 01:12 PM
Hi, thanks for the quick responses.
I've since did some more testing and found I got significant increases in Il2: FB AEP and a good boost in Lock On. Also I ran 3dMark03 and scored 10800 with my 2.6 p4, 6800 gt, which seems about right.

I uninstalled ati drivers and used driver cleaner prior to the 6800 install. Ill keep playing around with settings and see if anything unleashes my fps in fs2004, Ill post if I come up with anything.

Thanks guys.

10-11-04, 08:40 PM
3dmark01 not faster? Well its mostly cpu limited for the past two years so no surprise there. Try 03 or 05. This generation of cards is all about pixel shaders and bumpmapping galore (doom3 and almost any new game like far cry, halo, bfv, swbf.. anything where you can enable bumpmapping for vast areas), not basic multitexturing and raw fillrate (quake3).

10-11-04, 09:15 PM
I had a 9800Pro-256 "Asus" and it overclocked.

I can tell you flat my 6800GT beats the dog
crap out of it. :)