View Full Version : Big problem with perfomance (my ex-6800 beats my 6800Ultra)

10-11-04, 07:09 AM
Hi there i have had weird problems here

Systems specs:

AMD 64 Clawhammer 3200+@2300mhz (230x10 1:1)
Abit KV8-PRO rev1.1, 4in1 4.53
2x512mb pc3200 Samsung TCCC cas2.5 11-3-4
Club3d 6800 325/700@400/900 128mb
ASUS GE V9999@Ultra (softmod 16P/6VP) 350/1000@420/1200
Seagate SATA 160G 7200.9rpm
Windows SP1

How is this possible?? my club3d beating my asus board???

FarCry v1.2 SM3.0 patch Pier 1024x768 MAX DETAILS(custom demo, the same for both of course):
Club3d --> 75fps!!!!
ASUS --> 72fps

Doom3 1024x768 High Detail (FA@8x)
Club3d --> 94fps
ASUS --> 92fps

I donīt understand ANYTHING, in the begining i though is was the driver, becuase i was using 66.81 on ASUS board; but didnīt were. Then i though in ServicePack2 i had installed with when i bought the asus GE V9999, nothing again, i format yesterday and install winXP PRO SP1, and i get exactly the same framerate with my asus board.

Another point, those club3d's results were time ago, because when i draft reviews for Club3d 6800 and ASUS GE V9999 for two differents spanish hardware webpages and did again from the begining all tests i got "normal" results between both cards:

FarCry v1.2 PIER 1024x768 MAX DETAILS:
CLub3d --> 68fps
ASUS --> 72fps

Doom 104x768 HQ (FA@8x)
Club3d --> 91,7fps
ASUS --> 92fps

Ok, why is even here the difference so small??? and how the hell could i get 75fps on far cry and 94fps on doom3???

I have discovered more strange things:

CPU TEST 3dmark2005 beforce (when i got 75fps far cry and 94fps doom3) --> 5.050 points --> 65.73 WHQL

CPU TEST 3dmark2005 NOW (both cards) --> 4.400/4.600 points --> 66.81

600points on CPU; how is that possible!!?

EDIT: SiSoft Sandra shows normal results, On cpu tests and multimedia i get a perfomance between opteron 2,4ghz and 2,2ghz (i have mi clawhammer now running at 2,3ghz (230x10).
And memory bandtwich also seems normal, 3450/3450 MB/s with azureus and irc working behind.

Any idea?? Maybe some virus that give me some improvement???

10-11-04, 07:12 AM
Maybe the sof-eabled quad block of PS engine was borked enough anyway..ie it's turned via the soft mode but, the quad block is so defective to give bugger all PS performance boost etc. There is a reason why the quad block is turned off. Just by modding it to enable the extra quad block and VS shader unit is not going to make it to a 6800 Ultra card

10-11-04, 07:22 AM
No no, it works perfectly, because also i have got lower results with my club3d when i draft the review.

The point is how could i have get those results, i couldnīt get even close to them when i draft the club3d's review and OCed it to 400/900 and pass all benchs and games.

Thats the point, same card different perfomance .

10-11-04, 07:39 AM
not all hardware based on the same core give the same results for some reason ;) you should check other reviews where they have cards from different OEMs with what is supposed to be based on the same core ie lets say 6800 Ultra and results have varied...by a few fps which is within reason of course. u lost 2-5 fps...not much really in terms of percentages

10-11-04, 07:48 AM
Ok, maybe my english isnt good enought.

Lets tray again:

2 week ago, club3d 6800 128mb 400/900, AMD 64@2550mhz (255x10 6:5), forceware 65.73WHQL beta:
FAR CRY v1.2 PIER Customdemo 1024x768 MAX DETAILs --> 75fps
Doom3 1024x768 High Quality (FA@8X) --> 94fps

This week, SAME club3d 6800 400/900 and ASUS GE V9999 (softmod OK) 425/1150, AMD 64 @ 2550mhz (255x10 6:5), forceware 65.73 WHQL beta:
FAR CRY v1.2 PIER Customdemo 1024x768 MAX DETAILs:
Club3d --> 67fps
ASUS --> 72fps

Doom3 1024x768 High Quality (FA@8x) :
Club3d --> 88fps
ASUS --> 92fps

SO??? i know PIER map es very CPU dependent, otherwise its the same demo i used 2 weeks ago.

Understand now witch is my point?? :)

10-11-04, 10:54 AM
It looks more like ure capped? What are the results in 03/05/aquamark?

10-11-04, 11:19 AM

Club3d 6800 400/900 --> 11.400/4.400/61439
ASUS GE V9999 (softmod) 420/1150 --> 13.000/5.400/65280

10-11-04, 07:59 PM
did u check that the optimizations were off or on? with them on it does help boost fps.

10-15-04, 03:37 PM

Club3d 6800 400/900 --> 11.400/4.400/61439
ASUS GE V9999 (softmod) 420/1150 --> 13.000/5.400/65280
Looks like you might have your answer. CPU capped. Try running with full AA/AF on.