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10-13-04, 02:46 AM
Anybody else notice that when Java (SUN) is used during browsing, the graphics get much darker, blurrey, text fuzzy? It bothers me so bad, I shut down and restart my browser (IE6) to get rid of the java applet. It hurts my eyes.
I have no problems whatsoever with anything else, (games, demos, benchmarks), as a matter of fact, I love this card as much as I did my ATI9700pro. 2d is perfectly clear with everything else, only problem is with Java. This has been a problem with every driver I have used from day one. I'm now using the 66.81's, and latest DirectX. I removed MS Java.
My logic says it's Sun Java. Anybody else notice this?

Asus A7N8X Deluxe02 Bios Uber1007 Win2K (fully updated)
XP 2500 Barton @ 2377 (Therm Volcano 11)
Antec550 True Control & Antec 412 PSU
1.5 gig PC3200 (Samsung)
WD 36gb Raptor SATA
(1) Maxtor 120gb DiamondMax 9 SATA
(1) WD 80 gb 8meg cache
PNY 6800GT w\full size copper cpu hsf
21" Samsung 1100DF
LiteOn 48x24x48
LiteOn DVD

10-13-04, 05:36 AM
I know it is a pain in the arse but set AA to app preference in the NV Control panel when you are browsing to stop this from happening. I experience just the "blink" bug when I use Java when my NV Control panel is set to anything else but app preference.

10-13-04, 06:06 AM
Yep, that did it. My thanks are all I can give.

(I'd put you in my will, but that would put you in too much debt!)